About D-TEG

D-TEG, Commercial Grade Mobile DVR from Korea, not only keep high-quality recordings and driving data in secure, reliable storage media, the powerful management software also helps management to improve the fleet efficiency. These tools include real-time vehicle tracking, remote video/image retrieval, daily route and detail drive data, driving behavior analysis, etc. These features provide objective measurements for route efficiency, driver assessment. Hence to improve the fleet productivity and avoid unnecessary time & fuel consumption. No need to mention, the recorded data will be a strong evidence when the vehicle is involved in the traffic incident. Handy reports and event list save the management plenty of time in preparing such materials for police, insurance company or the other parties. D-TEG manufactures a full range of Drive Recorder and MDVRs for the commercial market, from 1 to 8 channels, windshield or dashboard installed, WIFI or 3G/4G transmission, indoor or weatherproof, etc. to fulfill the need of different clients.



DMS5.0 Software

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