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DMS5.0 Software

DMS5.0 server software provides full functions to manage up to 300 vehicles to a single Windows-based device.

1) Live Tracking Map

- Always know where your vehicles are, no calling around to drivers.


2) Daily Route History

- Watch where a vehicle travelled from startup to shutdown.

- Route history visualizes daily activity such as over-speeding, unauthorized stops, unproductive travel or engine use.

3) Event Preview Playback

- Playback streamed event snapshot video using advanced technology that reduces the amount of data needed to send, meaning a 10-second clip can be transferred in under 350kb.


4) On-Demand HD Video Playback

- Instant request full HD footage and playback an incident video on the web. And then you can save an MP4 copy to your PC or smartphone.


5) Live Commands

- Download / upload configuration

- Download the system log file.

- Initiate an event from server.

- New Firmware file upload. - Device reboot.

- Remote G-sensor calibration.

- Format the SD card or SSD/HDD drive.


6) Geo-Fences

- Creates a virtual barrier on a map. For fleet vehicle management, it's important to know the moment a truck enters or exits a location.


7) Monthly Report

- Monthly Reports have the unique ability to turn data into useful and actionable information. You know more than just where vehicles were.


8) Daily Safety Report

- Daily Report enables you to view your driver details on one sheet. It helps to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and safety by analyzing the driving behavior.


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