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The world's most advanced Vehicle DVR with powerful 3G/LTE (or Wi-Fi) video transmission! CRX3008, an in-vehicle DVR (Digital Video Recorder), makes constant recordings of video footage using a 'first-in' 'first-out' method and is able to send video and driving data wirelessly. The extremely compact size of the CRX3008 provides flexibility in installation and easier access. The main recording unit of the CRX3008 system is only 7" x 7" x 2" and is very easy to install/mount anywhere in the vehicle. Data is recorded directly to a removable HDD or SSD (up to 2TB), providing countless hours of video and data. The CRX3008 is built to withstand rugged environments and has passed Toshiba's rigorous 4,000 point reliability testing. The locking front door and storage bay both require a key for access and the rear steel cover restricts tampering with the input cables.



‧ 8 Channel Video recording AHD camera (720P, 1080P), WD1 and SD cameras can be used


‧ 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi Data Communication


‧ Global Positioning System - ( GPS / Glonass / QZSS )


‧ DMS5.0 server software provides full functions to manage to 300 vehicles to a single Windows-based device.


‧ Use a specific storage file format (MDT) to protect the contents of the file make it difficult to read and maintain the confidentiality.


‧ Storage.: HDD or SSD and SD Card


‧ Product Size(mm).: 178(W) x 50(H) x 170(D)






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