Volkwagen -- Amarok

Product Included


S-560N (Side Sliding windows)

    - CVWAD-S560N Double Cab

    - CVWAL-S560N Single Cab


S-6 (Side pop-out windows)

    - CVWAD-S6 Double Cab



    - CVWAD-WM (Commercial canopy with side FRP lift up doors)



    - CVWAD-SO (Side lift up windows with tinted glass or FRP open up door)


GRX (Sport Lid with stylish roll bar)

    - CVWAD-GRX Double Cab 


SLX (Sport Lid compatible with CARRYBOY roll bar)

    - CVWAD-SLX Double Cab


SX (Sport Lid produced from premium grade fiberglass, easy installation)

    - CVWAD-SX Double Cab


Roller Lid 

    - CB-774 (Utility Aluminum Roller Lid)


Soft Lid 

    - CB-743 (Utility Soft Lid)


Roll Bar 

    - CB-776/CE-766 (Stainless Steel Roll Bar) 

    - CB-767 (Smart Bar)

    - CB-706 (Ellipse Tube Aluminum Roll Bar) 

    - CB-768/CE-768 (Stainless Steel Roll Bar)

    - CB-769/CE-769 (Stainless Stee; Roll Bar)

    - CB-731 (Sport Aluminum Roll Bar)

    - CB-510 (Roll bar with PU. Side Cover)


Side Step

    - CB-711 (Aluminum Side Step)

    - CB-551 (Aluminum Side Step) 

    - CB-740 (Aluminum Side Step)

    - CB-541 (Mat Finish Aluminum)

    - CB-554 (Sport Aluminum Side Step)


Utility Box 

    - CB-737 (Jumbo Box: Double Opening Sides)

    - CB-735 (Jumbo Box: Large Front Open 

    - CB-704 (Utility Box)


Roof Rack Utility 

    - CB-550 (Aerodynamic Sport Tray)

    - CB-558 (Cross Roof Rack)

    - CB-535 (Super Rack) 

    - CB-999 (Cargo Net)



    - CB-777 (sling Up)

    - CB-778 (Carryboy Slide Floor) 

    - CB-788 (Full Bed Model) 


Tradesman Roof Rack

    - CB-763-1900B




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